Social media users showed their excitement for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games during this month’s one year to go celebrations, with 6.7 million people reached by tweets using the hashtags #Falta1Ano (Portuguese), #1YearToGo (English) and #Falta1Año (Spanish) and more than 30,000 mentions on Twitter, just on 5 August.

People from all walks of life were involved – fans, athletes, National Olympic Committees, International Sports Federations, sponsors, celebrities, the International Olympic Commite (IOC) – from all corners of the world.

#1YearToGo was a ‘trending topic’ in some of the most connected countries on the planet, such as the USA, Great Britain, Australia, the Netherlands and, of course, Brazil.

The result was a rise of 17 per cent across the official Rio 2016 social media channels, which passed a total of two million fans. Only on Twitter in Spanish, for example, the rise was 15,000 per cent compared to the previous week.