Sponsorship is the life line of any sporting organisation and the AWF is extremely fortunate to have a high calibre sponsor in Olitek. Olitek have secured naming rights for the Australian Junior & Senior Championships through to 2017.

Olitek Pty Ltd, a family owned wholly Australian company, is led by a dedicated group of Directors, Deb, Steve and James Oliver, who share a passion for sport and a commitment to reach out to communities and organisations in a very personal way, enjoying the responsibilities and benefits of supporting programs and services that positively engage people.

Olitek products Tynecat, Wirepilot and Level Lift, like AWF athletes, face competition both nationally and in the international arena - loads in dynamic environments, lifting, manual handling, measurement, control, performance, safety, performance excellence is what Olitek and AWF athletes are all about.

Olitek and the AWF know that success and high performance is earned from proper training, planning , commitment , programing and project management which all require attention to detail and support - the AWF is most grateful to Olitek for its generous investment and belief in our programs that will expand future opportunities for many young and promising athletes to achieve their dreams.