The AWF’s 2014 Annual General Meeting took place at the Eleiko Victorian Weightlifting Stadium on Friday 28th November, 2014.

The State Members elected dual Olympian Damon Kelly to take on the role of AWF Director alongside previously elected Directors - Ms Danielle Waller, Mr Lyn Jones, Mr Pedro Sanchez and Mr Phil Maunder. In accordance with the AWF Constitution the elected Directors appointed two Directors, Ms Leanne Goldsworthy and Mrs Deborah Acason, and recognised Danielle Waller as the AWF’s first appointed female Board Chair.

Unquestionably the Board has a lot of hard work in front of it, and at times will have to make some very difficult decisions. This said, the current seven person Board possesses the skills, experience and drive to be responsible for the governance, stewardship of, and overall policy formulation for weightlifting and the management of the affairs of the AWF.

The Board will ensure that our organisation fulfils its purpose and achieves its intended outcomes as detailed in the ‘new’ Strategic Plan that was endorsed by all State Members in November 2014.

In doing so, the board will meet all the legal and moral responsibilities and requirements consistent with ‘best practice’ corporate governance.