The AWF recently advertised the High Performance Director position and interviews for the short-listed candidates will take place on Friday 6th February, 2015.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the direction and management of the Australian Weightlifting Federation’s (AWF) High Performance Program (HPP). The primary challenge of the position is to maintain and improve Australia’s international success and status in the sport of weightlifting.

This is a very important management role encompassing all operational facets of weightlifting’s HPPs throughout Australia and overseas, national weightlifting squads & teams, and the coordination of State-based National Training Centre programs.

The issues and challenges of the HPD will include:
  • Maintaining a focus of continuous improvement and build on the high standards previously achieved by Australian weightlifting.
  • Engage the network of high performance coaches and service providers in a united and cooperative fashion.
  • Inspiring and leading HPP coaches to adopt leading edge approaches to coaching, sports science, sports medicine and innovative research.
  • Encouraging and promoting the operation of weightlifting HPPs in a drug free environment.
  • Improve the integration of HPP and AWF activities to grow and develop weightlifting as a sport in Australia.
  • To work cooperatively with other stakeholders of the HPP.
It is envisaged that AWF will announce the new HPD by mid-March, 2015.