The IWF Executive Board has voted to adopt the new anti-doping rules, which are based on the revised 2015 World Anti-Doping Code to be effective as of the 1st January 2015.

Under the new rules, adopted at the Board’s meeting in Almaty, the regulation is fully compliant with the New Code and will increase the fight against doping on an even smarter and stronger level.

Besides the new regulation, the IWF Executive Board has accepted a new guideline regarding the public disclosure of the positive cases as follows;

Following the Athlete’s notification the IWF will put the basic information regarding the positive findings on its website under the anti-doping news. Following disclosure no further comment will be given until the case is closed.

Furthermore in line with the requirements of the new code, a new procedure will be established regarding the registration of the entourage.

With the submission of the final entries the Member Federations will be obliged to give some basic administrative information.