At the 2015 Olitek Australian Championships, IWF Vice President Mr Sam Coffa presented Anthony Villanti with the IWF National Honour Medal for conspicuous services rendered to the Sport of Weightlifting. Below is the transcript from the presentation.

Periodically the IWF grants awards to people worldwide who have rendered long and conspicuous service to the Sport of Weightlifting through their nations and/or direct to the IWF.

The awards can emanate directly from the IWF or Member Federations.

These Honours can be bestowed to individuals for a myriad of reasons but essentially as I said before for long and distinguished services.

Today we want to honour one of our very own members who has been connected with and has rendered outstanding services to his Club, the VWA, and through those to the AWF and the Sport of Weightlifting in general.

I am joined today by Lyn Jones, a Director of the AWF and a member of the IWF Coaching and Research Committee. Unfortunately Danielle Waller, the Chair of the AWF Board could not join us this morning and she sends her apologies.

We want to honour Anthony Villanti and we would like him to join us on the platform.

Tony, as we all know him, has had some 50 years association with the Sport as a member of the Hawthorn Weightlifting Club and its parent body, the HCYC, as a member of the Committee right through to Presidency which he holds right now; then as a member of the Council of the VWA and as I said through that as a member of the AWF. 50 years of consistent sterling work.

In particular, he has held the position here in Victoria as the Technical Coordinator, and anyone who has had anything to do with that portfolio would agree, it is a most difficult task. Not so bad getting TO's to officiate at major events like this one today, but to get them to agree to a mid-week appointment for a school competition or a weekend open comp, it is a different matter and a most frustrating experience. But Tony persists and persists in a calm and polite manner and seldom have we had a competition where there is not an adequate number of TO's attending.

For these reasons the IWF has awarded Tony the IWF - National Honour Medal which we want to present to him.